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Chess – just like love and music – has the power to make people happy
– Siegbert Tarrasch

     Chess, for most people has been an enigma. Perhaps because for long it was thought to be game of gentlemen, geniuses and philanthropists among other ‘gifted’ people of our society. No matter what your background is, wherever you are a professional, amateur or just a person that want to start adventure with chess game – you shouldn’t be left out of the fun.

     In fact, Master of Chess saw the need to design beautiful ornate chess pieces just for you. The boards are designed by hobbyist chess players who’ve put a lot of effort into their work. With so much at stake, there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t join the chess club.

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Chess game – workout routine for your brain

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What are the benefits of playing chess? Chess is always known as a game for people who are gifted intellectual. Many people take chess game as an important activity to exercise their brain. [...]