Chess game – workout routine for your brain

What are the benefits of playing chess?

Chess is always known as a game for people who are gifted intellectual. Many people take chess game as an important activity to exercise their brain. Today, chess is played all over the world by people of all ages. Unlike other physical activities, this game cannot help you to tone up or build biceps, but it has many other important benefits.

Improves your ability to solve problems – Chess is a type of sport that works out your brain. It helps people especially the youngsters to develop mental abilities that they can use throughout their life.

Chess increases IQ – Is chess game meant for smart people, or does it make people smart? What is the truth? The truth is there are many scientific studies that say chess can actually increase your IQ.

According to a recent study, 4,000 children from Venezuela showed a significant increase in the IQ scores after playing chess for a period of four months.

Increases your creativity – The truth is, there are many people out there with special skills but they don’t know it yet. Chess can help you to unleash your creativity, since it works out the most important part of the brain, the part that is responsible for creativity and originality.

Teaches planning and foresight – There is a special part of the brain that is responsible for planning, judgment, and self-control. This area is known as the prefrontal cortex and it is usually the last part of the brain to develop. Given that chess is a game that requires critical thinking, it helps in the development of prefrontal cortex and helps youngsters to make informed decisions in all areas of life.

Chess game require fast thinking and exceptional problem solving techniques because your opponent will always try to be ahead of you. With a little practice every day, you too can become an expert and make chess one of your greatest hobbies.

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